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2048 is a number-matching game between 2 same numbers. Let's swipe blocks to merge 2 same numbers together and create the largest score in the world! This game is a strategy game for players to test their thinking abilities!

2048 Requirements

Unlike Geometry Dash 23 with 3 running modes, this online game is an endless game where players can participate in infinite challenges to create the highest achievements. As a result, when entering this 2048 game, every player wants to get the highest score to beat the achievements of other players.

How To Get Scores

To win points in 2048, you need to combine 2 blocks with the same number. After combining, they will create a larger number equal to the sum of the previous two numbers. For example, you can combine number 2 with number 2 to create number 4. In addition, 2 number 4 can form 1 number 8. Everything will continue similarly with the next numbers. Because of this addition, all numbers are even. Players can easily come across even numbers like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.

Your score will increase with each successful combination. Your points will be added up until the game ends. There are many talented players who get 1 million points in the world. More and more achievements of the 2048 game appear to compete for the top players!

When 2048 Ends

This online game only ends when all the squares are filled with blocks with numbers.

This game's board is a 4x4 square with 16 squares. Each square can contain 1 block with 1 number. It is required to move blocks in this board. When your blocks cannot continue to move, the game will end. Therefore, try to merge as many blocks as possible to save space. In addition, this online game has no time limit, so players can think of appropriate strategies. Don't act too quickly! Otherwise, you will regret it because you cannot turn back time.

After this online game ends, you can track your score next to the playing board. If you want to restart a new match, press the Submit key. After submitting, a new match will start immediately. It's a new opportunity for you to achieve higher achievements!

Some Tips With Numbers

This 2048 game challenges players with endless numbers and a limited space. Therefore, effective strategies are necessary to achieve admirable success. In particular, after each move, additional blocks will be added to the playing board, so players must quickly merge the blocks. This is the first strategy: merge blocks as quickly as possible. Don't put identical blocks next to each other. Combine them immediately to get more free space.

The second strategy is to not move large numbers. After each move, new numbers will be added to the playing board and these numbers are usually small numbers like 2 and 4. Therefore, if you move big numbers, small numbers may appear next to the big numbers. These two numbers are challenging and time-consuming to combine, so it's best to prevent this situation. Let's focus on combining the small numbers until they reach the same number with large numbers.

With the two useful strategies above, hopefully, players can create admirable achievements for 2048 matches!