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Cannon Balls 3D


Cannon Balls 3D is a shooting game with a fixed cannon and a series of objects. Shoot them down with a limited number of bullets to complete each level. Are you confident with your shooting skills? Let's start this game and show your abilities!

Cannon Balls 3D Gameplay

Entering this shooting game, you will experience various shooting stages with some rules. What are they?

Cannon-Shooting Rules

In Cannon Balls 3D, players control the direction of a cannon's fire. This cannon has a limited number of bullets, so aim as accurately as possible. To aim, press and hold the left mouse button and move. If you want to shoot, release it. With each shot, your target is the objects in front.

Like the diversity of numbers in Cubes 2048, the objects in this game are also diverse in both number and size. Players need to make sure to shoot down all of these objects to complete a stage. However, this task is not easy because the number of bullets is limited. So how to solve this problem?

Strategies For Cannon Balls 3D

Because the number of bullets is limited, players need to aim as accurately as possible. Accuracy determines up to 50% of the winning chance for players. There is unlimited time to aim and shoot. Therefore, take advantage of this feature to aim until you are confident with your accuracy.

In addition, shoot at the objects at the bottom. If you move objects at the bottom, objects at the top can also be pushed away. As a result, you can get many benefits from one shot.

The Specialness Of Levels

This Cannon Balls 3D game includes many different levels. Each level includes 5 stages. Each stage requires players to shoot down different obstacles. In addition, the number of bullets also varies.

However, the 5th stage in all levels has an infinite amount of bullets. This stage gives players a comfortable opportunity to shoot bullets continuously. You can relieve all the pressures through endless shots.