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Getting Over It


Getting Over It is a thrilling platform-conquering game where you control a yellow cat sitting in a pot and use a hammer to move through various terrains. This new game is one of the most special games on our Geometry Dash 23 website thanks to its moving way and character.

The Specialness Of Getting Over It

In this online game, your main character is a yellow cat. This cat is like any other regular cat with beautiful ears. However, this cat only has 2 arms. Its legs are hidden in a pot. With a special body, this cat also has a unique way of moving.

Your character cannot use his legs to move. Instead, it requires a hammer and uses different forces to move. This move is a challenge for many players because it is not familiar. However, after mastering this moving skill, players will not be able to stop their adventures with this cute cat. Control your character through your mouse and move forward!

Strategies To Conquer The Game

With special gameplay, players need useful strategies to conquer this Getting Over It game. Based on the characteristics of the game, there are two common strategies that players can apply to any match.

2 Moving Methods in Getting Over It

Controlling the yellow cat and reaching the destination is a difficult challenge for the players. To move, players can use one of two methods: push or pull.

You can use the hammer to hook onto items ahead. After that, drag to move your character forward. Conversely, you can also bring the hammer back and push. This is also an efficient moving way for your cat.

How to apply the suitable moving way?

With the two mentioned methods above, players may be confused about choosing the appropriate method. The answer is terrain. Please base your decision on the current terrain. Observe the terrain around your character. If the terrain ahead has many objects to hold on to, you can hook it to pull. On the contrary, if there are many useful objects behind you, don't hesitate to push.

Players need to apply these two methods flexibly because the terrain is very diverse.

Cat Arm Length

The yellow cat's hands can change within a certain range. As a result, you can move the hammer to different positions. Take advantage of this feature to reach different locations.

In addition, the length of a cat's arms is especially important for overcoming obstacles. You have the flexibility to push and pull the hammer to move through these obstacles. For small obstacles, you only need to use short lengths. On the contrary, for large obstacles, you should stretch your arms as long as possible.

Although arm length can be flexible, it is still limited to a certain length. Therefore, players should still analyze the terrain carefully before moving. In addition, don't forget to apply both two tips in any match to have a better journey. Your cat can do everything as long as you can control it properly. Good luck!