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Draw Climber


Draw Climber draws legs for the cube to reach the finish line safely. Varieties in drawing and choosing the most suitable feet for each different challenge.

Help the cube reach the finish line

Draw the legs

In this game, you will control a cube that can change shape by drawing legs. The goal is to navigate the cube past various obstacles and reach the finish line. What makes the game interesting is that the player can draw legs of different lengths, and the character's movements are determined by the length of the legs.

You can draw many different types of legs such as circles, spirals, hooks, ect, as long as the legs you draw can overcome obstacles on the road and reach the finish line quickly.

As you progress further through the game, you will encounter different challenges and obstacles, such as ramps, walls, and gaps. The key to success is drawing the right set of legs that can help the character overcome these obstacles effectively. Players need to strategize and adjust their footwork according to the layout of the level to ensure a smooth climb.

How to control

Draw Climber has simple controls including drawing legs by swiping on the screen. The character automatically moves forward and the player must adjust the length and position of the legs to maintain balance and avoid falling or getting stuck. Like Getting Over It, the game requires precision and timing to complete each level successfully.

The amusement of the game

Draw Climber is a fun and challenging mobile game that combines drawing mechanics with physics-based puzzles. Intuitive controls and addictive gameplay make it a fun choice for casual gamers looking for a quick and fun experience.