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Drift Boss


Drift Boss is exciting and inspiring motorsport. It combines elements of drifting, precision driving elements to create a thrilling spectacle for players.

Description of Drift Boss

Select the booster activation feature

Before starting to play, you will choose one of three features to activate the booster including Double score, Car insurance, Coin rush. True to the name of each feature, one of three of them can help you increase your score, money or experience. You can choose whether or not to have these features and start playing.

Get acquainted test

Before you jump into the game, try getting used to it before starting. The car always runs automatically towards the left. If you want the car to turn to the right, you need to press and hold the mouse to make it go to the right. When you feel like you can't go right anymore, release the mouse and the car will automatically turn left.

Drift car on the road

At the end of the familiarization test, you will enter the real game. A narrow road can only walk in the middle so as not to fall off the road. When encountering curves, you need to drift to change the direction of the car along the road otherwise you will be thrown out. Always keep the vehicle in the middle of the road to ensure the vehicle does not deviate and fall off. On the way, there are many obstacles that increase the difficulty of driving but the most important thing is to drift in the right direction on the turns so that the car doesn't get thrown off the road.

Collect coins on the way

Along the way you may encounter coins on the road, collect them as much as possible to accumulate your coins and use them to buy booster activation features.

How to master Drift

The more you practice, the more you will experience many situations as well as how to drift at the right time and accumulate as far as possible. Driving is no longer too difficult when you master driving and drifting is the most important and difficult driving ability. Being familiar with and proficient in drifting is a huge advantage.