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Paint Strike


Paint Strike is an online color-spray battle between two 4-player teams: yellow and purple. The winning team is the team with more area in 105s. This online game is a competitive game with 8 players and time-limited matches

Paint Strike Matches

Matches will be played with fixed rules regarding time, attack, and winner.

Time and Attacking Method

Each match will last 1'45s. During this time, two teams can attack each other with the following regulations.

  • Each team consists of 4 players and each player can use one gun. This gun can shoot watercolors according to the players' control.
  • When the match starts, the two teams can start attacking by shooting colors. You can shoot colors into empty areas and even the opposing team's area.
  • Don't forget to attack the opposing team members to make them return to base. As a result, you can limit the opposing team's shooting ability.
  • While shooting, your gun will never run out of bullets, so rest assured and attack.
  • To control your character, use WASD to move and spacebar to shoot.

Besides the above outstanding regulations, players should also pay attention to the colors of the two teams. You will always be on the purple team while the opposing team is yellow.

How To Win Paint Strike

After each match, the game will calculate the area with the same color as your team. If the purple ratio is higher, your team will win. On the contrary, if the yellow ratio is higher, the opposing team will be the winner.

The ending of each match is difficult to predict. Both teams attack each other across a large space. Therefore, it is difficult to observe the whole map and guess the color ratio. Fight your best and observe the results at the end of each match.

Arena And Bonus

The matches all take place in a different arena. You can fight in lavish cities, desolate deserts, or spacious training grounds. Each arena has different spaces and scenery to increase the experience for online players.

After Paint Strike matches, players will receive bonuses. With this bonus, you can unlock new guns, outfits, and shoes for your character.

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