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Subway Surf Fantasy Fest


Subway Surf Fantasy Fest takes on the role of a young graffiti artist named Jake, who is caught drawing on the wall by a grumpy inspector and his dog.

Online version

This is a very famous game, originally developed on mobile platforms in 2012. Although the gameplay is not too special, but the graphics in the setting, characters and game interface have attracted a large number of players. This game is considered to have the most downloads and plays in iOS and Android platforms. Now you don't need to get complicated if you want to play this game, the online version for online play is available for you. In addition to this game Temple Run 2 is also originally developed from iOS and Android platforms with many downloads and plays, and it also has an online version for you.

Help Jake escape successfully

The plot of this game

Jake is a young street graffiti artist. He can draw graffiti anywhere to beautify and bring graffiti identity to the walls. But this is not legal so this is not recommended without the town's consent. And unfortunately, in the process of drawing graffiti, Jake accidentally met a grumpy security guard with his dog. Please help him escape from the prison or else he will be locked in a cell.

Avoid obstacles on the road

The escape was quite difficult because there were many obstacles that prevented Jake from successfully escaping. Run along the train tracks, avoiding signs, trains, or oncoming vehicles and other obstacles on the road. Before running, you will be shown how to avoid obstacles best suited to each obstacle. Try to run away as far as possible so the guard doesn't catch Jake.

Collect coins

Besides avoiding obstacles, don't forget the coins that appear on the way. Follow the lane with the coins to collect them. In addition, choosing to follow the coins is the best way to avoid encountering obstacles.

How to control

Controlling Jake is not difficult. Swipe left/right/swipe up/swipe down when playing on the phone. Use the arrow keys when playing on the computer.