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Friday Night Funkin


Friday Night Funkin is an addictive game that helps Boyfriend defeat a series of opponents by dancing so he can continue dating his Girlfriend.

Dancing competition to win Girlfriend's love

Girlfriend is the person that Boyfriend loves unrequitedly. He can do everything to make her fall in love with him if he always wins. To do that, Boyfriend needs your help because he is not good at dancing. The way to compete with other opponents is to dance. The person who can dance to match the note patterns the most will be the winner.

Many different levels

Boyfriend needs to do many different levels or "weeks" because in each of these levels you will fight many different opponents, and in each level there are three different songs that you need to do. Successfully sing those songs to completely conquer Girlfriend's heart. Show off your strongest points in your jumping to win against all opponents.

Jump weeks

During the weeks, you can choose one of three modes: easy, medium, hard. The modes get more difficult as the speed of the arrows increases and the arrow patterns become more complex. Train on easy mode and progress to difficulty levels to improve your gameplay.

The seven music weeks are arranged as follows: Bopeebo Fresh Dad Battle; Spookeez South Monster; Pico Philly Blammed; Satin-Panties High MILF; Cocoa Eggnog Winter-Horrorland; Senpai Roses Thorns; Ugh Guns Stress.

Dance to each tune

You need to complete one of three typical songs in the game and finish the song perfectly by dancing to the music that best matches the music. Note patterns are displayed using four arrow keys, and you need to mirror those arrows to match the music. Try not to miss too much because it affects your blood scale. Immerse yourself in the music and each melody helps you dance to match each indicated arrow. Get lost in the music with Boyfriend and his friends in this and other games like Slope Game.