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Geometry Dash World


Geometry Dash World takes you into a new world different from the traditional Geometry Dash. The setting and space make the Geometry Dash community interesting.

Geometry Dash World: Conquer new lands

Control a square-shaped character and navigate through various levels filled with obstacles, spikes, and other hazards. The objective is to reach the end of each level by jumping, flying, and flipping through the geometric challenges.

What sets World apart is its rhythm-based gameplay. The obstacles and level design are synchronized with the game's electrifying soundtrack, creating a unique and immersive experience. Your timing and reflexes play a crucial role in successfully completing the levels.

Geometry Dash World compares to the original version

Differences in mainstream music

Both versions of Geometry Dash are known for their rhythm-based gameplay, where the obstacles and level design are synchronized with the music. Geometry Dash World features a new selection of music tracks composed specifically for this version. While the original Geometry Dash has its own iconic soundtrack, Geometry Dash World offers a fresh set of tunes to enhance the gameplay experience.

Levels in each version

World features a new set of levels separate from the base game. While the original game had a larger total number of levels, World offers just a few new levels for players to conquer.

Different context and space

World incorporates new and vibrant backgrounds, along with distinct visual effects and animations. The aesthetics of World's levels have a slightly different style than the original game, providing a fresh visual experience.