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Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump helps Doodler jump as high as possible. Jump on the platform blocks and shoot the obstacles. Be careful while jumpping to avoid falling.

Help Doodle jump as high as possible

In this game, the player controls the character Doodle, a blue alien with four legs and a trunk that shoots bullets forward to knock down obstacles. Make you jump forward. Doodle jumping on a drawing paper with platforms and obstacles such as UFOs and bacteria. Jump as far as possible and avoid all obstacles using your trunk.

Pay attention to the types of foundations

There are two types of foundation that you need to pay attention to: blue foundation and brown foundation. The blue platform is a stable foothold that helps the character move forward, you can also stand on that platform without being affected. If the green platform has springs it will create the effect of jumping further, so move to where the springs are. The brown platform is an unstable platform, it only allows the character to jump up once, you need to quickly land on the blue platform otherwise you will fall. To jump from one platform to another, utilize the left and right arrow keys for movement. In addition, avoiding platforms is also a task to do when you experience Geometry Dash 23, you can also consider it after this game.

Shoot obstacles with the hose

During the process of jumping high, the character will encounter some obstacles such as UFOs and bacteria. They are like a hindrance that prevents you from jumping high, so when you see them on your way, immediately use the hose by pressing the up arrow key to shoot pellets.

How to control

Two main tools to play this game:

  • Left/right arrow keys to move left/right.
  • Arrow up to shoot bullets.