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Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart gives you the experience of being the owner of a supermarket. The items displayed on the shelves are taken from the items you currently have.

Become the owner of a supermarket chain

Supermarket business

Our mischievous monkey wants to become a supermarket chain owner selling a variety of products. With that desire, he had a small store for himself. Help him expand his supermarket business by selling manufactured items.

Processed products

Popular common items like eggs, milk, corn, ect are all linked together. Buy items such as corn seeds, chickens, cows, etc to process products yourself. This helps you save quite a bit of money.

Business expansion

When your business is more stable, expand the store area, add some shelves to diversify goods and earn more income. Expand gradually, you will get used to the busyness of the supermarket.

If your business becomes overloaded because you can't do it all alone and you also want to not lose customers, the solution to this problem is to hire more employees to help you. Although the staff's capacity cannot be equal to yours, it will certainly help the supermarket avoid overload.

Special features of the game

The graphics of this game are considered quite eye-catching. The colors are equally vibrant and harmonious, creating a game space that attracts the player's attention. At the same time, adorable character design is also an important factor that makes the game popular. You can customize your monkeys' outfits however you want.

A very prominent feature of the game is that the game can be played in offline conditions. Not all games are designed like that, but some games still have this feature, which is 2048. Meaning, even if you don't have internet, you can still play it at any time. In addition, the game also saves the data you have played, so that when you play again you will not have to start from the beginning.