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Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is the original game of the Geometry Dash series where your cube with various shapes and moving skills will traverse a neon world full of spikes. By entering this geometry game, players can enjoy many thrilling experiences with geometry!

Experience With Geometry Series

Welcome to this Geometry Dash game! This online game is the first version with outstanding features. Let's learn about the features of this game series!

Features in Geometry Dash

In all versions, players will transform into a geometric character to conquer all obstacles.

This geometric character has the ability to change shape after passing through portals. As a result, its movement style will also change. For example, you can transform into a Ship with the flying ability. You can also become a Spider to run on the platforms. In addition, there are other shapes like Cube, Ball, UFO, or Wave. Each shape has a special movement ability to suit each terrain.

When you become one of these characters, you need to ensure the safety of your character. Don't let a collision happen. Otherwise, the game will end.

In addition, obstacles are also a feature of this game series. A series of obstacles such as spikes, walls, or blocks will appear to stop you. Jump over them to complete each path.

A Significant Version

Another geometry version is Geometry Dash 23 which also takes you to a new geometry world. In this world, players all have the same gameplay to avoid obstacles. You can use the up arrow key to make your geometry jump. The spacebar or left mouse button also has the same effect. You can choose to use any control key.

These two versions both have the basic characteristics of this game series. However, the challenges are different because of the arrangement of obstacles. Obstacles are shown in different positions. As a result, there are no similar roads in these two games. Start now to show off your abilities!

All Geometry Dash Modes

This online game includes 3 modes: Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist.

  • Stereo Madness: It is a symphonic journey. Players will immerse themselves in a musical world filled with thorny obstacles. Every arrangement is like notes in a symphony. There are high hurdles while low hurdles are also available. Your journey will be bumpy and difficult with these changes. However, don't worry. Immerse yourself in each melody and move forward.
  • Back On Track: This mode takes you back to real racing tracks where the obstacles are all located on the same path. However, they can be a single spike or a field of spikes. You have to conquer obstacles in different numbers. Therefore, in this mode, the game provides jumping pads that help your geometry jump higher and farther. It is easy to jump over a field of spikes with jumping pads.
  • Polargeist: The ultimate mode brings players to the aerial world. Obstacles appear at many different heights. In many paths, you have to jump in the air to move. Therefore, jumping rings will help you to perform jumps in the air.