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Cubes 2048


Cubes 2048 is a multiplayer fighting game between cubes for the highest number. Collect cubes or steal from other players to get this goal and the high rank! Are you ready to join intense battles between thousands of online players?

Cubes 2048 Gameplay

The gameplay of this online game focuses mainly on multiplayer battles between cubes. Coming to these cube wars, players can challenge their movement abilities and compete with thousands of other players to win high rankings. In these online battles, players need to pay attention to some regulations.

Moving And Fighting Rules

In Cubes 2048, you will control a cube to compete with other players. During these battles, you can use your moving ability to collect free cubes on the map. In addition, you can also fight by killing other players.

These two possibilities have a common rule. You can only collect and destroy cubes with smaller numbers. It is impossible to collect larger numbers. In contrast, cubes with larger numbers can attack and destroy you. Therefore, prepare yourself for the biggest number before participating in battles.

Players only need to follow the principle of larger and smaller numbers to participate in battles. Implementing this principle completely will help you score high marks. In particular, you will have the opportunity to appear on the leaderboard with the top 10 leading players.

Some Cubes 2048 Tips

To become the strongest player on the map, players all have their own strategies. Below, you can follow some useful tips for every match.

  • Collect as many free cubes as possible. There are many free cubes all over the map. These cubes are harmless to all players. They will bring you many benefits. The most prominent benefit is increasing your numbers. As a result, you will become stronger in the Cubes 2048 battles.
  • Cut the tails of other players. Each player owns at least one cube. During the game, the number of cubes will increase and they only combine when there are 2 identical cubes. Different cubes will form a tail. If this tail has numbers that are smaller than yours, you can remove it and collect those numbers. This method can be applied to players who are stronger than you. However, you will face more risk because that player can turn around and attack.
  • Do not ignore any players with smaller numbers. This helps you destroy dangers later as well as increase your strength at the present time.

Some Power-ups

In Cubes 2048, you can use power-ups on the map. They can appear anywhere on the playing field. You just need to move over them to activate them. Note that each powerup can only be used once. To continue using them, you must find them in other locations.

There are many types of power-ups. One of them can help you move faster while another power-up helps you x2 your number. However, the /2 button may also appear. Be careful because it can split your current score in half.

Power-ups are popular items in online games. For example, when joining Geometry Dash 23, players can also use jumping pads or jumping rings to perform higher and farther jumps. If you can take advantage of these power-ups, you can achieve the highest achievements!