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Suika Game


Suika Game is a fruit-merging game to create bigger fruits through 2 same fruits. Let's drop and match the same fruits to form giant watermelons! This game is so attractive and addictive because of its engaging gameplay. Are you ready to join this new game with various fruits?

Fruit-Merging Gameplay

This Suika Game offers players a strategic game to get the highest score possible. This gameplay includes merging fruits and avoiding the finish line. These two factors are extremely important for players who want to win high scores.

How To Merge Fruits

As you can know, this online game requires players to combine two similar fruits to create a larger fruit. The first essential element is two identical fruits. Second, you need to drop and let these two fruits touch each other. They can only combine when they can touch each other. It is impossible to merge if the two fruits are far apart.

To achieve this goal, players may face some difficulties. The first challenge was how to add the fruit. The fruits will be dropped from above in order. In addition, the players do not know the order of the fruits. As a result, the game challenges the players' ability to judge and arrange fruit.

Suika Game Space

The space of this merging game is limited by a finish line. Two invisible walls prevent the fruit layers from collapsing while a finish line is placed above. Once the fruit reaches this line, the game will end. At that time, you will receive the score and summary of the previous match.

This finish line is an important factor because it determines your win or loss. If you want to get high scores, stay as far away from it as possible. In particular, the online game will warn you when your fruit gets close to this finish line. Don't ignore those warnings because you will regret it!

Because space is limited, the game becomes increasingly challenging. The fruits become more and more numerous and their size also becomes larger. In particular, the size of the watermelons is huge. They can cover up to 1/3 of the entire playing space. Therefore, saving playing space is a necessary task for all players. To save space, you should merge as many fruits as possible. In addition, don't keep similar fruits far from each other. This will waste playing space unnecessarily.

Limitations can make players feel uncomfortable. In this case, you can come to Geometry Dash 23 where endless wide roads are waiting for you to explore.

All Fruits In Suika Game

There are many types of fruits in this merging game. They vary not only in size but also in shape, design, and color. The list of fruits is cherry, strawberry, apple, dekopon, pineapple, grapes, orange, pear, peach, melon, and watermelon. With this list, you will have the following combinations.

Cherry + Cherry = Strawberry

Strawberry + Strawberry = Grape

Grape + Grape = Dekopon

Dekopon + Dekopon = Orange

Orange + Orange = Apple

Apple + Apple = Pear

Pear + Pear = Peach

Peach + Peach = Pineapple

Pineapple + Pineapple = Melon

Melon + Melon = Watermelon

With the combination principles of this Suika Game, let's create as many watermelons as possible. Good luck!