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Challenge The Runners


Challenge The Runners is a competitive 30-player game to battle other players through 3 matches with different obstacles and become the only remaining player. Are you ready to show your skills and beat 29 other players? Start now!

All Challenge The Runners Matches

This challenging game takes place in 3 different matches. Each match will have its own characteristics for players to challenge their own abilities. Let's learn about these outstanding features together.

Significant Matches' Features

This Challenge The Runners game includes 3 matches.

  • The first match has 30 players and the goal is 18 remaining players.
  • The second match has 18 players and the goal is 10 remaining players.
  • The third match has 10 players and the ultimate goal is to find a single winner.

The number of players through 3 matches will gradually decrease until there is 1 remaining player and that player will win in the end. After these 3 matches, players can participate in new matches immediately to continue challenging their friends' abilities.

Challenges in Challenge The Runners

Matches will present a unique challenge to players. Players need to conquer them and reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Because the number of qualified players is limited, you need to try to become one of the players on that list.

However, challenges will not let you achieve that goal easily. First, challenges can change to keep players facing new difficulties. Second, the number of obstacles is diverse. It is also another challenge for the players of this running game. These challenges are even more challenging than Geometry Dash 23 because Geometry Dash 23 only takes you to roads full of spikes. In contrast, Challenge The Runners has many different types of obstacles.

For example, players may face giant balls, high walls, or vertical platforms. In addition, some obstacles can move while others can attack you. For example, giant balls can roll and push you backward.

Finally, the most significant challenge is the other players. You have to compete with 29 other players for victory. Each player has the desire to win, so the matches will be intense.

Controls, Modes, And Skins

In Challenge The Runners, to control your character, you just need to use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move. To jump, press Spacebar. Controls are the same for all challenges, modes, and matches.

However, because the number of players varies by mode, the game provides additional key sets to accommodate the number of players. The mentioned key above is used for 1-player mode. In 2-player mode, player 1 will use WASD + G keys while Player 2 uses Arrow + L keys.

In terms of skins, players can unlock many unique skins such as Mafia, Police, Doctor, and PubG. You can unlock them by using collected gems from matches. These skins are unique and the developers have designed them with many colors and inspirations. Let's unlock each unique skin and bring it into matches. They will help you have more interesting matches! In addition, skins also help you distinguish your character more easily in chaotic matches of Challenge The Runners.