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Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is a classic running game featuring a monster chase and the dangers of a series of obstacles and traps. Can you overcome all of them? Adventures in this running game are familiar because this game has been released for a long time. However, it still attracts millions of players each year.

Guides To Run In Temple Run 2

In this online game, players will receive instructions to control their character through obstacles. In addition, you also know how to collect coins and use abilities. Let's learn about these useful guides together.

Running Instructions

Your main character is an archaeologist. He ran out of an ancient temple and was being chased by a monster. Control this character to run as far as possible and avoid the monster's attack.

To control, you will use the arrow keys. Each control key has its own functions.

  • Your character can jump with the up arrow key. In addition, the up arrow key also helps you swing ropes to overcome high cliffs.
  • The left and right arrow keys will help your character turn. If you don't turn in time, a collision will occur and the game will end. In addition, these two control keys also help your character move to one side of the road.
  • The down arrow key allows your character to slide over tall obstacles. This movement skill is as important as the jumping skill to avoid obstacles.

Activate Abilities In Temple Run 2

The game gives you abilities to support your races with monsters. You can own Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance. Shield Duration gives you invulnerability while Coin Magnet helps you attract all the coins on the way. Boost Distance allows you to move quickly through paths with invulnerability. These abilities can only be activated for a short time.

To activate abilities, press the Spacebar. However, before activating, remember to purchase them in the Abilities section. You can buy them thanks to collected coins. Their prices may increase over time. However, the benefits are more and more, so it is worth buying them. Don't hesitate and invest in this potential Abilities section!

Some Other Features

This Temple Run 2 game also has many other features that appeal to players. First, the appearance of a monster brings excitement to the game. The players are always being chased and this makes the players run more enthusiastically. No one wants to be captured by a monster.

Second, the variety of challenges keeps the game interesting. Players never get bored because of the change in challenges. You can conquer high cliffs, jump over deep holes, run through dangerous forests, or overcome fierce waterfalls. In addition, your character's running speed will increasingly increase. As a result, your adventure becomes increasingly thrilling.

Finally, graphics and effects are also a highlight of this Temple Run 2 game. Players can enjoy sharp images and smooth effects. Another game with impressive graphics and effects is Geometry Dash 23 where you can participate in geometry races in a colorful neon world full of obstacles.