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Circle The Cat


Circle The Cat devises a strategy to keep the cat from getting out of the trap. Creating a barrier so the cat can't escape is the task you need to do.

Challenge your cat trap strategy

Mark the blank spaces

One play is a different strategic turn, each empty space is marked in many different positions, so you must have the right strategy to block the cat from getting out of the trap. The game starts with an image of a cat standing in the center of the trap. Each time you check a space, the cat takes one step forward. It can adjust its direction, so you have to make sure the cat guesses your intentions. Especially around the trap, the cat can change direction when you block the path, making it unable to continue.

Change your strategy according to your cat's direction

Each time you mark a blank box, the cat will automatically step forward, away from the place you marked. Try not to let it successfully escape the trap. Creating a small circle, narrowing the trap, is the way to make the cat unable to go in another direction.

Effective cat trapping strategies

Every new game is a new strategy, so you need a sharp mind to achieve success. When you feel like you can't complete the task, reset the game and start a new strategy. For new players, this is quite a big challenge without a strategy and finding the cat's direction. The flexibility of your cat's movements can keep you thinking about strategy. It's difficult to trap a cat on the first try, you have to try many times to figure out how to trap a cat.

The game challenges you to strategically trap the cat so that the cat cannot figure out how to trap it. The cat is quite sophisticated and can make you dizzy. Stay calm and think carefully before making your decision to trap a cat successfully.