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Crossy Road


Crossy Road is a game exclusively by Poki, inspired by a chicken crossing the road. Help the chicken cross the street without being run over by vehicles.

Help the chicken cross the road

Cross the road when encountering road traffic

The chicken is lost and needs to return to its nest. However, it cannot independently cross the road safely, please help it cross the road and avoid traffic. Vehicles like cars, trucks, trains, ect travel crazy because of their fast speed and you need to help the chicken cross the road so that he stays safe. Cross the road when there is no traffic passing or they are about to hit the chicken. Helping the chicken cross the road safely is the task you need to do. The farther you go, the more points you receive.

Cross the road when meeting the river

Wooden planks floating on the water's surface are the saviors for the chicken crossing the road. However, they also follow the direction of the river, so if you do not cross the road and pull over to the shore, there is a high possibility that your life will be in danger. At the same time, be careful when slipping and falling into the river will also cause you to lose your life.

Some other keyword characteristics

Collect coins

In addition to crossing the street, you need to help the chicken collect coins. Coins will be useful for you in renewing your character. You don't always come across coins, so take advantage of every opportunity, see coins and go collect them. The more you collect, the higher your chances of unlocking characters. Collect all the game's characters right away, especially the last mysterious character, the Dinosaur.

Score achievements

This game helps players compete with many other opponents to choose their top. The left corner of the screen displays the top number you are achieving. To reach the top, you need to cross the road as far as possible while still ensuring the chicken's safety. Do you want your chicken to reach the top 1 in the list of players with the highest scores and successfully complete the mission right away?