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Geometry Dash Maze Maps


Introduction about this game

Geometry Dash Maze Maps is a fast-paced game that gives you many different maps. You can improve your control skills through the maps of this game.

Colors, characters or obstacles will not change much compared to previous versions. However, instead of running in a straight line, you will enter a maze. This maze has overlapping floors and you need to reach the destination of the mazes. The final location of the maze will be a portal that can help you escape this maze. On your way to the finish line, you will face gaps and spikes that can destroy your geometry. If you are a fan of speed games, you cannot miss the realistic experience in Traffic Jam 3D.

How to win Geometry Dash Maze Maps

As mentioned, this game has many different maps for you to conquer. You can start from easy to difficult maps because they are arranged in order.

Go through the portal

To be able to traverse a map, you need to help your geometry go through a portal in the maze. You can find this portal at the end of the maze. You can play these maps with two modes including normal mode and practice mode. You can continue your adventure with checkpoints in practice mode.

Jump over spikes

The most commonly found obstacles in this game are sharp spikes. If your character touches the spike, it will be destroyed immediately. So, you need to estimate the right time to jump over these sharp spikes. The character moves at a fast speed so you also need to react quickly.