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Geometry FreezeNova


Geometry FreezeNova offers a new experience for players. The gameplay remains the same but there are many differences that you should discover for yourself.

Rules of the game Geometry FreezeNova

The game features a simple yet challenging gameplay where you control a geometric shape and navigate through various obstacle-filled levels, synced to thumping electronic music. Complete the challenges completely and don't forget to get all the gold coins.

Special features of Geometry FreezeNova

Diverse challenges

In contrast to other Geometry Dash versions that have up to three levels, with FreezeNova you can experience 10 different challenges with different levels. Challenges will be random in difficulty, so players should experience all challenges to see which challenge is difficult for you.

  • Spikes Frenzy must navigate forward while avoiding obstacles.
  • Glowing Boost introduces glowing bounces that allow the cube to travel longer distances.
  • Orbital Thrust features jumping mechanisms in the form of orbits to help you escape rows of spiky objects.
  • Gravity Chaos tests your skills by flipping the platform when passing through golden halos.
  • Universe Of Chaos presents a chaotic environment with distractions while defying gravity.
  • Blue Rush immerses you in a blue-themed setting, where caution is needed to avoid obstacles.
  • Jumping changes the direction of some obstacles towards the cube, adding difficulty.
  • Black & White offers a monochromatic gaming experience.
  • Flash Frenzy utilizes directional arrows to speedily navigate obstacles.
  • Final Lap combines elements from all modes for the ultimate challenge.

Innovation in character

Another difference in this game is that our main character - the cube will not automatically update and switch to many different shapes. To own different characters, you need to spend some money during the challenge. There are countless different characters for you to choose from, complete the challenges and get all the gold to own them.