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Impostor is an multiplayer game that takes inspiration from social deduction Among Us game. Play as an impostor, kill the astronaut without anyone detecting.

Successful mission to kill astronaut

In a capsule, you and other astronauts will hunt down an impostor who is trying to destroy this boat. From the moment time begins to the end, you must kill an astronaut without anyone noticing to succeed in the mission. Someone has to die or you will be exposed. Choose your location wisely so that no one can detect that you are a fake.

The never-ending battle between Crew vs. Impostors

The goal of Crew vs Impostors

The game revolves around the conflict between the crew members and the impostors. The crew members' objective is to complete various tasks around the spaceship and identify the impostors among them. The impostors, on the other hand, aim to deceive and eliminate the crew members without being discovered.

Crew vs Impostors mission

Crew members have a list of tasks to complete in order to maintain the ship's functionality. These tasks can be anything from repairing systems to diverting power. However, impostors can also sabotage the ship by causing disruptions and creating chaos. Crew members must work together to fix the sabotaged systems before the ship falls into disarray.

Deception and strategy

Impostors must use their ability to deceive and manipulate to blend in with the crew members. They can pretend to complete tasks, create alibis, and frame innocent players to sow doubt and confusion. Meanwhile, Crew members need to be observant, communicate effectively, and analyze behavior to identify the impostors.

Impostor is a game that tests your deduction skills, communication abilities, and strategic thinking. Whether you're playing as a crew member trying to survive or as an impostor plotting your next move, the game offers an exciting and suspenseful multiplayer experience.

Join the Impostor faction, plot to realize your goals and complete the mission in the best way. Each battle has different challenges and different obstacles, don't hesitate, go into the game and conquer all challenges.