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Just Fall LOL


Just Fall LOL is a hilarious multiplayer game that takes inspiration from physics-based platformers. Compete with many other opponents and survive to the end.

Specifically about Just Fall LOL

Survive to the end in battle

The objective of the game is simple: control the penguin and navigate through various obstacle-filled levels, trying to reach the bottom without getting knocked out or falling off the screen. At the same time survive to the end of survival to become the winner.

Penguin avatar

The penguin characters represent the player, and you can adjust their color to differentiate your character from many other opponents or to stand out. These lovely characters are designed in 3D, making players easily attracted at first sight.

Game modes in Just Fall LOL

Competitive mode

  • Hexagon: In this mini-game, players find themselves on a giant rotating hexagonal platform. The objective is to stay on the platform while avoiding falling off as the speed increases. The last player remaining on the hexagon wins the round.
  • Just Blocks: In this mini-game, players are placed on a series of blocks that move and shift. The blocks may have different shapes and sizes, making it challenging to maintain balance. The goal is to outlast other players and be the last one standing on the blocks.
  • Just Jump: In this mini-game, players face a vertical obstacle course filled with platforms, moving objects, and hazards. The objective is to navigate through the course by jumping and timing movements correctly. The player who reaches the top or completes the course in the shortest time wins.
  • Parkour: This mini-game focuses on intricate and challenging platforming sequences. Players must navigate through a complex level filled with jumps, wall runs, and other parkour-inspired movements. The goal is to complete the course with the fastest time or reach the designated endpoint first.

Casual mode

This is the full mode with four mini games: Hexagon, Blocks, Jump and Parkour. Similar to Challenge The Runners, you will compete with many different opponents and find the last survivor to become the winner. The more opponents you eliminate, the more points you will get.

Adjustment mode

Still four mini games but the main adjustment is adding more players. This means you can invite your friends to compete with each other. Share the link and access it so your friends can enter the competition with you.