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Papa's Pancakeria


Papa's Pancakeria sells Pancakes at the Pancakeria restaurant for Papa Louie reluctantly. Make Pancake according to customer's request and receive a tip.

Papa's Pancakeria is one of the Papa Louie series games. Food store management game series with many different types of food. The game series revolves around a chef named Papa Louie with his adventures in different restaurants. Help him develop his store chains, especially in the Pancakeria version.

Choose a character to take on the challenge

Choose the character Cooper or Prudence to start your pancake selling journey. Before starting your business, let's take a look at the fate that brought your character to the Pancakeria restaurant. Cooper or Prudence was driving looking for work, when he/she happened to see a Pizza place and stopped there to buy food. Unfortunately, the cat sitting in his/her car accidentally saw the squirrel and chased it and entered the store. The next day he/she posted looking for a lost cat and luckily a man called him/her to pick up the cat and he/she went to the Pancakeria restaurant. Here, Cooper or Prudence reluctantly look after the restaurant for chef Papa Louie and run the pancake business. Let's start business!

Pancake business at Pancakeria restaurant

Make pancakes for customers

Starting with your first day of work, familiarize yourself with the pancake business areas. There are three areas that you need to pay attention to:

  • Order station is where customers come to order the food they want. Listen to the requests to make the pancakes that customers want most. Take notes and prepare to make pancakes.
  • Grill station is where you make pancakes. Here you will prepare dough and bake cakes. During the process of making the cake base, pay attention to the cake temperature that the customer wants, do not let the cake be overcooked or raw.
  • Build station is where you add toppings to your cake. Based on the note, get the ingredients the customer wants. Avoid confusing other toppings. Then package the cake and give it to customers.

Receive tips from customers

After making cakes for customers, you will receive a tip. Whether or not the tip amount is large depends on whether you comply with the customer's request or not. The more you do correctly, the more tips you will receive.