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Slaughterhouse Escape


Slaughterhouse Escape rescues a pig that successfully escaped from a deadly slaughterhouse. Avoid obstacles if you don't want the pig to be turned into a dish.

Successfully escaped the slaughterhouse

Avoid all obstacles

Our pig is about to be taken to a bloody scary slaughterhouse. He succeeded in escaping from the cage, the next step to successfully escape is to overcome thorny obstacles during the escape process. Sharp spikes appear on the ground with flexible up and down movements, take advantage of the gaps in the spikes and go through them.

Sharp spikes also appear on wooden clubs. They also cause you damage, so when you encounter them, you should be careful and stay as far away as possible.

Additionally, other things like the giant skewer, the meat grinder, and the horizontal escalator that leads you to the spikes also require real care.

Do not touch the pool of blood while running away. If you accidentally touch them, you will be moved to one side. It's okay if there aren't any obstacles next to the blood pool, but if there are, it will be difficult for you to escape and become food.

Eat golden apples

Along the way, not only do you have to avoid obstacles, you also have another task to collect golden apples. These apples help you buy new items in the store. The more you collect, the more you can exchange for different items.

Items bought withinside the store

There are two items that can be purchased from trading golden apples: pigs and decals. Each item has different types with its corresponding price range. Experience all the items in the store to make the game more interesting.

Pig has Unipig, Mud Pig, Prozen Pig, Afro Pig, Sunburt Pig, Vegan Pig, Robot Pig, Vampire Pig, Warthog Pig, Punk Pig, Stealth Pig, Bronze Pig, Silver Pig, Gold Pig.

Decal includes Puzzle Decal, Butcher Decal, Power Decal, Heart Decal, Diamond Decal, Lightning Decal, Peace Decal, Yin-yang Decal, Spade Decal, Club Decal, Star Decal, Hazard Decal, Up Decal, Down Decal, Crown Decal.