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Slice Masters


Challenge your cleverness with this game

Slice Masters is an arcade game that requires you to slice all objects on the way. However, your knife can't cut some pink obstacles in this game.

In this game, you can see many objects such as logs, fruits, food, etc on the way. You need to bounce your knife to slice all these objects. Each time you cut these objects, you can earn certain points. You can get a high score if you slice as many objects as possible on the way. This game challenges your cleverness because you need to control the knife to avoid some obstacles. These dangers can stay still or move which can cause many difficulties to you. So, it's better to estimate the position of obstacles and avoid them. You can also test or practice your cleverness by driving the car in Traffic Jam 3D.

How to pass a level in Slice Masters

This game offers many levels and you have to reach the destination to pass these levels. In this game, you only have one chance to bounce the knife from the beginning point to the finish line.

Reach the endpoint

The endpoint of this game is a pillar at the end of the road. Your knife just stuck into the pillar, so you can move to the next level. On the way, you need to keep the knife away from many obstacles that can make your knife stop. If your knife collides with these obstacles, you only can restart this game. Moreover, slicing the objects can bring a lot of money. Then, you can unlock some new knife with these money.

How to get money

At the pillar, you can see some math problems. You need to stick your knife to one of these parts of the pillar. However, you should observe and calculate the best problem. For example, it's better to multiply your money eight times instead of dividing it by eight. This is the best way to test your calculation skills.