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Sunkenland takes players on an exciting journey under the ocean. Adapt to dangerous new environments and uncover the mystery of the mysterious doom.

Explore new lands

Play as a brave explorer, exploring the terrifying depths of the sea and learning about the secrets hidden at the bottom of the ocean. You will control your ship and explore diverse seas, from colorful coral forests, dark caves to remote deserted islands. Each location in Sunkenland has its own challenges and mysteries, waiting for you to explore.

Build shelter

The game offers challenging survival gameplay. Collect resources, craft tools, build shelters and fend off environmental dangers and mutated creatures.

Explore the mystery

The challenges contain many mysteries about doom events and the appearance of mutant creatures. You will explore ancient ruins, decipher puzzles and gather information to understand the cause of the disaster and find hope for the future.

Experience the sound and graphics

The game takes advantage of modern technology to recreate ocean floor scenes with great vividness and detail. You will be drawn into the underwater world with shimmering coral forests, colorful fish and the realistic sensations of deep sea exploration.

The game also gives players an incredible audio experience. From the soothing sounds of ocean waves to the cries of strange sea creatures, the sounds in the game create a vivid and immersive environment.