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Super Mario Rush


Super Mario Rush is an exciting and fast-paced mobile game about Mario. Embarks on an adventurous journey through various colorful and challenging levels.

Rescue Mario from the fire

Mario has escaped the enemy maze, however he cannot avoid the fire that is trying to catch him. And unfortunately, on the way to escape there are also many things that hinder him. Please help him escape the fire and get home safely.

Guide Mario through each level, overcoming obstacles, collecting coins, and defeating enemies along the way. The gameplay features classic platforming mechanics, with players jumping, running, and dodging hazards to reach the end of the level.

There are no second chances if you make a mistake when you hit an obstacle. You will have to start your journey again until you complete the challenge, so try and limit it as much as possible to not waste time.

Unique aspects of Super Mario Rush

Fast-paced gameplay

Like Subway Surf Fantasy Fest,one of the unique aspects of this game is its fast-paced gameplay. Players must navigate through the levels quickly while maintaining precision and timing to avoid traps and enemies. Additionally, power-ups and special items can be found throughout the levels, providing Mario with temporary abilities such as invincibility or fireballs to defeat enemies.

The objects to avoid and collect

Obstacles including sharp and jagged wood need to be avoided during Mario's journey. When you see them, immediately jump up so you don't get hurt by them. You may lose your life unnecessarily.

Objects that assist in travel include stars, mushrooms, and rockets. Lucky stars help you in times of danger that affect your life, it will summon strength to you and help you continue your journey. Mushrooms can flexibly change human size to big or small depending on the situation. Rockets help you fly further without having to waste energy instead of running, which helps save you running time.