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Stick Merge


Stick Merge is a mobile game of the merge genre with simple yet highly addictive gameplay. It has attracted millions of players worldwide because of its appeal.

Create heavy guns from fusion

Your goal is to combine guns to create higher quality guns and earn high scores. You start with a short-range gun on an easy level, shooting the right objects, from there, by combining them, you can create heavier guns.

To own heavy guns, your first task is to hit the center of the fake human-shaped targets moving around. Shoot them down and you will receive a certain amount of money. Based on that amount of money, merge the gun to create a high quality gun.

The fact that you merge guns to create a heavier gun helps you easily shoot down the targets you need to shoot. Because these targets will become more solid and appear more frequently, a simple gun cannot shoot them down in the limited time allowed.

How to play?

Select and move weapons: Click and drag the left mouse button

Shoot enemies: Drag and move the mouse cursor

Stick Merge is a combination of stickman games and shooting games, providing an ultimate entertainment experience. This game is inspired by stickman games and shooting games, combining these two game genres into one.

Most asked questions

Who is the creator of this game?

Stick Merge was created by TinyDobbins. You can also play other matching games or other genres like Traffic Jam 3D, Sunkenland.

Do you want To play Stick Merge?

Play this game online for free on our website. It's fun to play when you're bored. Stick Merge is one of our favorite stickman games.